About Me

My name is Chris! I’m a Doctor Who fan and blogger who’s written thousands of words across dozens of articles about Doctor Who. I’m starting this new blog today as something of a challenge. My best friend dared me to watch one episode a day, every day, in order, and write about it. So here we are!

Here are the rules: Each calendar day I will watch at least one episode a day of Doctor Who starting with “An Unearthly Child” and going from there to…well, wherever we are 800+ days from now, when even the delayed series 10 will be a memory. After I watch the episode, I’ll write about it, and I’ll keep going until I’m done!

Now…the question you might have here is, “What about the missing episodes?” Well, what about them? With luck, they’ll all turn up. If they don’t…looks as though it’s time for some reconstructions!

How am I watching these episodes, you might ask? Streaming where possible, because I’m lazy and don’t like dealing with changing DVDs. However I do have all existing episodes on DVD, and the missing ones in reconstructed format, so that’s fun to look forward to.

One final note: all cast and crew information is lifted directly from that story’s Wikipedia article.

And so, here we go! I hope you enjoy.


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