Episode 235 – “Seeds of Death” – Part 03

So our space madness continues. In this episode we learn that space stations of the future will have, for some reason, a lot of mirrors.

But of egoists, I assume.

Our crew have finally made it to the t-mat station. The Doctor goes on a run for a bit and eventually convinces the Ice Warriors that he’s valuable. Meantime, Jamie and Zoe are wandering around doing things and stuff. They eventually rendezvous with the t-mat repair crew that’s also come up from Earth.

We also learn that the Ice Warriors are preparing the titular seeds of death to be sent to Earth for…reasons. I’m not entirely clear on it, though clearly it isn’t to set up humanity with their own supply of dank Martian weed.

I do find it odd the way they keep saying, “t-mat” as though it’s a proper name.  Like “T-mat has been fixed”, instead of “the t-mat system has been fixed”. Very odd.

We’re also told that foods are running out in cities and millions are facing starvation. Ok, then. But…I mean, it’s been, what, a day? Two days? Surely it can’t be that bad, that quick, stupid quotes about power outages and missing meals not withstanding.


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