Episode 233 – “Seeds of Death” – Part 01

We begin our latest adventure with the Doctor and friends in a familiar pose.


I mean, ok, this isn’t actually the first few moments of the story. No, instead we get to see various technicians minding the store at a transmat (think of the transporters from Star Trek), station. Well, two stations, actually. One is on Earth, one is on the Moon.

Trouble ensues, of course, in the form of the Ice Warriors, making their first re-appearance.

It must be said that this first episode flows very nicely. It introduces an easily-understood dilemma, presents at least a partial solution, and gives us some wonderful scenes; and not just the ones with the Doctor and his friends. No, pretty much every character feels quite authentic, which is a testament to the writer’s abilities.

It also accomplished that rather rare feat (at least for me at this point), of making me completely lose track of time! I was actually surprised when it ended. Well done!


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