Episode 232 – “The Krotons” – Part 04

Our heroes continue their fight against the evil Krotons!

If only they could weaponize those sideburns.

We’re getting a rather unimpressive end to a rather unimpressive story. Jamie is off doing something, the Doctor and Zoe are trying to stop the Krotons, the other people are doing stuff, and…even just describing it is boring me a bit.

There is a mildly interesting sub-plot of “do we dare fight the Krotons, or continue on as their slaves?” But that really ends fairly quickly and it’s clear that there’s only one “correct” answer. There’s also an amusing bit where Zoe and the Doctor banter about where to stand.

But really, this is another boring part to another boring story. Still, I have the Ice Warriors next, and after that we say farewell to the Second Doctor!


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