Episode 230 – “The Krotons” – Part 02

Well, that’s that. I’m out of excuses. I’ve fallen way behind and there’s no good reason. In my defense, the disc for this wasn”t in my blu ray player, and I’m very lazy.

You can see how shocked the Doctor is by that revelation.

Anyhow, there’s now something called Britbox, which I can stream through my Roku. They have pretty much all of old Who on there, so…sigh. Yeah, I guess I’m just going to have to keep going now.

So we pick up where we left off, with the Doctor and friends being menaced by something that looks like an evil desk lamp. That particular situation gets settled fairly quickly, and we then move on to…whatever the rest of this episode is about.

Zoe gets to spend some time looking at math. That seems to please her quite a bit. It’s an odd little moment, but ok. For his part, Jamie seems to be keeping himself busy tending to a woman we saw in the previous episode.

I do have the say that the math animation (mathimation?) that we get from the Kroton teaching machine is kind of neat.

On the other hand, we also get a glimpse of the Krotons, and that is not neat. Their design really is rather awful, even by 1960s, low-budget, BBC standards.

And our episode ends with Jamie being captured and tormented by the Crystal People!


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