Episode 228 – “The Invasion” – Part 08

Well, here we are, a week later and I’m finally finishing this off. What kept me from doing this sooner? Laziness! Sheer laziness!

I must say, the cast of “The Invasion”, episode 8, looks different than I remember.

Overall this is a good conclusion to the story. Vaughn and Packer both get what’s coming to them, the Brigadier gets to be mildly fantastic, the Doctor hams it up spectacularly, and, of course, the Cybermen are defeated.

This episode does a good job, as well, of setting the stage for the UNIT years. All the elements of the first part of the Third Doctor’s run are in place now, awaiting only the arrival of him and Liz Shaw.

Really there isn’t that much more to say that I won’t be saying in tomorrow’s summary!


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