Episode 226 – “The Invasion” – Part 06

So this is the episode. The most important one. The one that finally shows the clips that this story are most famous for.

It’s like a sort of invasion.

This is what ends the story. We get the Cybermen coming up out of the sewers and stalking menacingly through London. It’s rather effective and very cool, and justifiably famous.

As for the rest of the episode, it isn’t bad. It also isn’t especially memorable. You do get a bit more of Vaughn being menacing, and that’s never a bad thing. There are also a few more scenes of Jamie, the Doctor, and Zoe, but, really, there wasn’t much in here that happened that was all that interesting.

It’s odd. This is, in many ways, the same problem I had with “The Mind Robber”. The actual story is great, but the individual episodes aren’t especially interesting.


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