Episode 224 – “The Invasion” – Part 04

So we’re back to animation again.

The Invasion 5
And this is the best screencap I could find, really.

It’s interesting to note that we still haven’t seen the Cybermen yet, and we’re almost halfway through the story. I’m kind of surprised that they rolled this out so slowly. I’m not complaining; it’s part of the strength of the story. But I do find it interesting that they waited so long.

At least this episode ends with a Cyberman, which is a plus. Meantime, we also get a bit of gunplay, and an exciting escape via helicopter. Plus what someone I used to know referred to as a bit of “anime up-kilt”.

Overall this is a decent bridge episode, but from what I can recall of the forthcoming ones, and comparing it with the previous ones, it really is just a bit “eh”.


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