Episode 221 – “The Invasion” – Part 01

Here we are again, back with an animated episode!

Greyscale, animated Jamie. Somehow still hot.

This is, in fact, the very first animated version of a missing episode. It’s kind of impressive the way it’s done. You wouldn’t think it would work out as well as it does, but clearly they spent a lot more money on this particular release than they did in subsequent animated versions (see: “Power of the Daleks“).

The slow buildup in this story is interesting. We don’t see the ultimate threat, the Cybermen, until much later in the tale (though we see a hint here). What we get in the meantime is what seems to just be a story about a sinister electronics corporation that’s hell-bent on…something.

And the corporation in question does seem to be fairly sinister, with armed thugs killing someone, a weird CEO (the way he says “Packer” is something I’ve always found interesting), strange computer systems and knock-out gas.

Really, it’s a great set-up for the rest of the story.


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