Episode 220 – “The Mind Robber” – Part 05

And so we come to an end. The Doctor vs The Master, but not the The Master.


So Jamie and Zoe are on the verge of becoming fictional characters as opposed to, well…uh…fictional characters. Moving on.

The Karkus has come back. I must say this is possibly one of the best and most amusing things about the story, but that name really needs to go.

Jamie and Zoe get to go all Manchurian candidate, which is kind of amusing. This the leads to that rather silly image above, and the Doctor saying “sausages” more often than anyone should.

From there things get more than a little weird. Have you ever seen The Sword in the Stone? If so, do you remember the duel between Merlin and what’shername? This is like that, which, it must be said, is kind of fun!

Then there’s a big splodey ending, and that’s that for the Land of Fiction. Tune in tomorrow for my thoughts!


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