Episode 211 – “The Dominators” – Part 02

A new year, a new episode, and a new commitment that, damn it, I will do this daily!

Blog every day, or we’ll shoot this man.

More hijinks ensue in this episode. We get the peaceful Dulceans putting the “dull” into their name, while the Dominators ham it up in possibly the most insane costumes ever made for this series. Well, maybe with the exception of the disco space cop during the Sixth Doctor’s era.

The Quarks are quite non-threatening. I know the show really wanted to try as hard as they could do not do the Daleks, and to find something that took off with the public as much as those did. But they failed, and failed hard. The Quarks just aren’t that interesting. Strangely, the Dominators themselves are actually pretty interesting, but those costumes, sheesh!

There are some fun moments in this episode, such as the Doctor pretending to be stupid. That kind of makes up for how actually stupid the Dulceans are. They’re really just unforgivably dumb.

But overall, the story continues to be solid. Let’s see what part three brings!


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