Episode 216 – “The Mind Robber” – Part 01

Yes, it’s been a while. But things have been happening. Also, stuff. But things are better now, so buckle up for an acid trip of an episode featuring alternate dimensions, white robots, and the TARDIS exploding!

Also the shot that launched a million boys on the exciting journey of puberty!

This is a really weird story. It starts with the TARDIS being swallowed-up by very unconvincing lava. The Doctor is only able to free it by sending the machine into some weird alternate reality that exists outside of time and space.

So that’s fun.

Zoe gets lured outside by images of their respective homes, which at least provides a somewhat better explanation than just wandering around outside because, hey, why not? Jamie then goes chasing after her as the Doctor panics and acts a bit weird.

We then see Jamie and Zoe running around the inside of an empty sound stage, which is every bit as exciting as it sounds. They then get menaced by weird white robots, as the Doctor sees a vision of them in white clothes beckoning at him while organ music plays.

Then thing start to get a little weird, and we get that oh-so-famous ending where the TARDIS explodes, the Doctor drifts into space, and Zoe screams.

This is a truly tripy episode, even when compared with the rest of the story. It goes into some really weird places, but it works, mostly. I can only imagine how confusing it must have been to people back in the day.


My Thoughts on “The Dominators” – Story 044

Notice how it’s been about a week since I actually finished watching this story? Yes. I am going to claim that I took quite a while to let my thoughts on it sink in and digest properly before writing them down, as the only other option is that I’m mind-blowingly lazy.

Shall we vote on the most likely answer?

“The Dominators” commits one of the greatest sins of entertainment: it’s boring. It’s dull as dishwater, despite a few fine moments here and there. Well, provided one ignores the godawful costumes.

The cast tries mightily, and the two men playing the Dominators themselves really put forth a good effort. All the scenes with them are fairly interesting. But the Dulceans are really, well, dull, and while the fundamental plot (pacific planet being attacked by aliens), is decent, and likely resonated well with an audience only 20 years from the end of World War II, the execution is just soooooo boring.

Then there are the Quarks. Look, I get that the BBC really wanted something that was as cool and interesting and popular as the Daleks, but not owned by Terry Nation. I am baffled as to why they thought the Quarks were the best choice for this. They aren’t menacing in any way. Their voices are too “cute” and the recharge dance is laughable.

It’s a shame. With a tighter script this might have been something. But…it wasn’t.

Next time: “The Mind Robber”

Episode 215 – “The Dominators” – Part 05

Man, I’m doing great with my commitment to blog daily.

“No, Doctor, still no signs of any new posts.”

In my defense, I’ve been sick. Also, I’m lazy.

This story has really gotten a bit dull. It should have been only a four parter instead of one of the strange five part stories. That said, there are some fun moments, like the Doctor nearly blowing himself up, and the sonic screwdriver putting in a major early appearance.

There’s also plenty of action, which is quite welcome after last episode’s lengthy and annoying ethical debate. Additionally, lots of quarks get blown up, which is fine, given how basically non-threatening and boring they are.

All in all a fairly lackluster conclusion to a story with a lot of potential, which really kind of sucked.

Episode 214 – “The Dominators” – Part 04

And so we hit part four, and get an interesting result when doing a Google Image search for pics from this story.

Well, the wardrobe has certainly improved.

This story is getting a bit “meh” at this point. There are some interesting scenes of infighting between the two Dominators, which I rather liked. I also got to envy a character who got to stand below and watch as Jamie climbed up a ladder.

But beyond that, I’m getting more than a little tired of this story, and don’t really have too much more to say about this particular episode.

Episode 213 – “The Dominators” – Part 03

I’ve enough time mocking the outfits of the Dominators, which they do richly deserve. But let’s take a moment to reflect on the curtain-clad Dulceans and their horrible fashion sense.

She wore it better.

Truly just…ugh. Moving on.

So there are a couple of neat moments in this episode, but it’s pretty dull overall. The Dominators continue to try and enslave the population while the Doctor and Jamie try to convince the locals that something terrible is afoot.

I wish this was a better episode. The overall story isn’t bad, but there are a lot of little things in this episode that drag it down, and it doesn’t help that the cliffhanger at the end of this episode was basically the same as the previous one.

I do also get a bit frustrated that we keep cutting back to the Dulceans. They really aren’t that engaging, and watching a bunch of old men in drapes discussing philosophy is only interesting if they’re named Socrates and Plato.

Oh, well. Three down, two to go. Yeah, oddly, this is a five part story.

Episode 211 – “The Dominators” – Part 02

A new year, a new episode, and a new commitment that, damn it, I will do this daily!

Blog every day, or we’ll shoot this man.

More hijinks ensue in this episode. We get the peaceful Dulceans putting the “dull” into their name, while the Dominators ham it up in possibly the most insane costumes ever made for this series. Well, maybe with the exception of the disco space cop during the Sixth Doctor’s era.

The Quarks are quite non-threatening. I know the show really wanted to try as hard as they could do not do the Daleks, and to find something that took off with the public as much as those did. But they failed, and failed hard. The Quarks just aren’t that interesting.¬†Strangely, the Dominators themselves are actually pretty interesting, but those costumes, sheesh!

There are some fun moments in this episode, such as the Doctor pretending to be stupid. That kind of makes up for how actually stupid the Dulceans are. They’re really just unforgivably dumb.

But overall, the story continues to be solid. Let’s see what part three brings!