Episode 210 – “The Dominators” – Part 01

And so we skip past “Fury from the Deep” and “The Wheel in Space” to arrive here, at “The Dominators”.

And the less said about those costumes, the better.

During our time away, the Doctor went to the future, and picked up a young scientist named Zoe Heriot. And with that, the TARDIS crew for the best of the Second Doctor’s era is complete. These are the last new companions we get until Liz Shaw.

I first saw this story back in the 1990s, and wasn’t impressed. The costumes on the titular Dominators are hilarious, but the “window curtains with belts wrapped around them” that the other people wear are even worse. Then there’re the Quarks. Don’t get me started on the Quarks.

That said, coming back to it, I kind of like it, and this first episode, which sets up a group of innocent, carefree people being slaughtered by a band of evil warriors, is quite excellent.

I do quite also like the conflict between the two Dominators. One is in charge, more conservative, and careful. The other is ambitious, with a sleek and hungry look, and willing to take chances. It’s quite a neat contrast.


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