Episode 826 (?) – “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”

Careful readers may have noticed a slight jump in the episode numbering as well as an abrupt change of Doctor. It crosses my mind that I never said what I was going to do when new episodes air. Well, now you know.

“I’m me, the Doctor, and even I think this is insane.”

Have you ever wondered what might happen if the Doctor were to land his TARDIS in the middle of one of CW’s superhero shows? I suspect I just saw it.

This was a far, far better episode than it should have been. The Doctor and a superhero? That annoying Matt Lucas character from last year’s special? A villain that’s like a Teutonic version of James Mason? It could have gone wrong at so many points, but…didn’t.

Now that’s not saying this was the best story ever. Hell, it wasn’t even the best Christmas special. But I found much here to like. There were plenty of amusing moments centering on comic books and the silliness of the secret identity, there was some awfully sharp writing with some wonderful quotes, and even Nardole, Matt Lucas’ character, was entertaining. I like the way he was written here much better than the way he was written last year.

So…take this story in the spirit (Ghost?), it is offered. It’s not great, but it’s pretty damn entertaining, and that’s good enough.



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