Character Profile – Victoria Waterfield

This one is kind of tough. I never saw Victoria’s into story (though I’ll be looping around for it later), and haven’t seen her departure story, either (though same thing). So despite having seen her in several stories, she remains somewhat of an enigma to me.


To a great extent, Victoria is something of an amiable non-entity. She’s pleasant and intelligent and reasonably spunky, but she leaves no real lasting impression. Partly this is due to how few of her stories remain intact, but part of this is just that she’s kind of…there. She’s around, but leaves no real impression.

Which is something of a shame. There is some great potential with the character. If they’d played her a bit more like Charley Pollard, she might have been quite interesting, but mostly she’s kind of dull.

Victoria hasn’t even really been able to be interesting in the Big Finish audios she’s appeared in, which, alas, probably says a lot about Watling’s acting more than it does anything else.

On the plus side with Victoria gone, we now have the field cleared for Zoe, and at last, the Second Doctor’s era will feel like it should!


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