My Thoughts on Story 041 – “Web of Fear”

A worthy story to follow one of the best. “Web of Fear” has plenty of humor, intelligence (quite Great, in fact), and action galore, doing a great job of foreshadowing the Third Doctor’s era.

Those Yeti costumes, though…

I never saw “The Abominable Snowmen”, so I can’t compare this to that. But I can say that on its own, it’s quite a good story. The Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria work very well together, the sets are generally fantastic, and the supporting characters, from Travers, to Evans, to a certain colonel, are all wonderfully cast and extremely well written.

Speaking of that colonel, who will be a brigadier the next time we see him, how great was it to see Lethbridge-Stewart in his first appearance? From the very moment he arrives in the story, he’s a take-charge kind of man, showcasing the excellent acting talents of Courtney and laying the groundwork for one of the best characters of the entire series.

It’s only quite sad that the episode he appears in, three, remains missing. Apparently it was found with the rest, in a warehouse in Nigeria, but some asshole stole it and hasn’t resurfaced with it yet. I really hope whomever it is comes forward at some point and returns it.

That’s really it for my thoughts here. Excellent story, well done all around.

The next story, “Fury from the Deep”, is one I’m skipping for now, as is the one after that, “Wheel in Space”. The first sees off Victoria and the second introduces Zoe, so by the time we rejoin our crew, it’ll be quite different! As a result of all this, look for my character profile on Victoria tomorrow.

Next time: “The Dominators”


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