Episode 195 – “Web of Fear” – Part 04

Ah, nothing like an action-packed episode full of excitement, thrilling music, explosions, and waddling Yetis!

Though surprisingly little of these two.

I found myself feeling quite sorry for Evans, the driver, throughout this episode. Here’s a guy who probably joined the army for three hots and a cot, became a driver, and now he’s stuck fighting robotic alien monster things in what is, as near as it appears, the same scrapyard where the Counter-Measures squad encountered a Dalek.

I’m also kind of amused that the thrilling music mentioned above is a rehash of the Cybermen theme from “Tomb of the Cybermen”. It works well enough, but really is better suited to that story than this one.

I suppose I also have to point out that the bangs the Yetis are sporting amuses me to no end.


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