Episode 194 – “Web of Fear” – Part 03

And so we have the money shot for this story!

I probably ought to stop phrasing things in a way that encourages slash fiction writers.

Yes, the Brig has shown up, though at this point, he’s still a colonel. Still, hooray!

Things continue to unfold quickly in this episode. We reunite with the Doctor, meet the Brig/Colonel, and are treated to a primitive version of a Power Point presentation that’s known as a “slide show”. It’s very quaint.

I do love how much the Lethbridge-Stewart feels like a fully-formed character at the outset. He arrives, takes command, and starts showing that he’s very clever by doing things like managing the reporter who’s hanging around.

I’d also like to note how much better this reconstruction is than the ones that went with “The Underwater menace”. Those were just so badly executed. I have no idea why. This one uses far more photos, has subtitles, and features some dynamism. It’s so much better!


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