Episode 193 – “Web of Fear” – Part 02

Our adventures in the underground continue, and our heroes reunite with a friend!

The beardy fellow.

That’s Professor Travers, and he turned up just a few episodes ago, when our heroes last met up with the Yetis and the Great Intelligence. He’s a bit skeptical of time travel, but not much. His assistant is far more skeptical.

We get some more explosions and gunfights and stuff like that. We also get to see John Levene tottering around as one of the Yetis. He’ll turn up as Corporal, and later Sergeant, Benton a few episodes from now.

There are some neat scenes in this episode, including a pair of soldiers talking about what’s going on, and the aforementioned action/battle scenes. These are nicely staged, and a precursor of what’s going to come once HAVOC rolls onto the scene.

I noticed quite some distance into this episode that the Doctor is missing. Neither the characters, nor we, see him. Well, that’s fair, given that until recently the episode itself was missing.

This episode also introduces a rather weird character in the form of a cowardly soldier who we first encounter singing to himself as he stalks his way down a tunnel. He’s an odd character, but it’s nice to see that the BBC was willing to show the military being less than perfect.

And that’s that for this episode. The next one is a reconstruction. Why is it a reconstruction? I’ll explain later.


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