Episode 192 – “Web of Fear” – Part 01

We conclude the cliffhanger from last time, and move on to meet…the Yeti!

Also, more opportunities for slash fiction.

Now the Yeti first turned up in a story I skipped, but will double-back for, called “The Abominable Snowmen”, because of course it was. That story, interestingly, only occurred three stories ago. So we’re getting to revisit these guys earlier than one normally would expect.

I found it really interesting that the first few minutes of the story were basically staged rather like a horror film. Lots of dark shadows and angled shots, with menacing music. It was quite a nice touch.

I also liked that the cliffhanger from the previous episode was rather quickly resolved, though really, it should just have been resolved at the end of the previous episode. There was no reason to drag it out here.

One interesting behind-the-scenes note: the London underground refused to allow the show to film in one of the stations. So they built a set. The set was apparently so realistic that the people who ran the underground were quite angry, assuming the production had snuck in and filmed secretly! Neat!


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