Episode 191 – “Enemy of the World” – Part 06

And so we reach the end of one of my favorite stories. And it ends with a bang!

And, I suppose, some potential slash fiction?

This was really a satisfactory ending to the story. Bruce completes his journey to being a good guy, Giles Kent is revealed as being a baddie, Astrid gets up to some fun shenanigans, and the Doctor and Salamander finally meet.

I quite liked the episode, in addition to liking the story overall, but there are two very minor weak points. The first is that we only get one scene of the Doctor and Salamander meeting. This was largely due to budgetary concerns.

The second complaint is a bit bigger, but still not huge. At the end, when Salamander flies off into the void, things end very abruptly. There’s no neat tying up of things, there’s no last few words from the Doctor, nothing. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking there’s a part seven, but there isn’t

Still, if any story could have gone seven parts and made it work, this one could have.


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