Episode 190 – “Enemy of the World” – Part 05

In today’s episode, we learn more about Salamander’s bunker, watch Jamie and Victoria get tormented, and learn that a potential bad guy is, perhaps not that bad at all.

G’day, Bruce!

There are a lot of decent scenes in here, but two stand out: one for the acting, and the other for the strangeness.

The acting one is the scene where Bruce and the Doctor first really encounter each other and have a conversation. The acting is excellent, as is the writing. I particularly liked the Doctor  handing Bruce back the weapon he was pointing at him as a way of getting his trust. Very nice.

The weird scene is where the Doctor rescues Jamie and Victoria from the evil clutches of Benik. The Doctor pretends to be Salamander, and continues that pretense once it’s just the three of them and Bruce. This serves to get Bruce further onto his side, but it’s still a bit of an odd scene, though very amusing when the Doctor pretends to play his recorder.

Beyond that, we learn fully now that the bunker is staffed by people who are causing the various natural disasters that are inflicting the world. One of them discovers that Salamander is lying about what happened to the world as a whole, and demands to go to the surface with him. The outcome is predictable, and leads to a nice little jump-cut between Salamander about to hit the man, and Astrid breaking a window.


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