Episode 189 – “Enemy of the World” – Part 04

So I just now noticed that the correct title of this story is “The Enemy of the World”. Whoops. Well, I’m not going back to change it now.

Oh, don’t glare at me like that.

So things start to get a little weird in this episode. I’d actually completely forgotten about the people living underground in their little Aryan society.

Yeah, Salamander has a group of people living underground, and he’s convinced them that there’s been a big nuclear war upstairs. I forget why he did this, but it does kind of amuse me that he’s basically a precursor to the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne.

There’s some interesting political maneuvering and also some fine action scenes in this episode as well, but it really does kind of go a bit off the rails (not in a bad way), once Salamander’s bunker is revealed.

That’s really all that I have to say here. It was good. Bring on part five!


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