Episode 187 – “Enemy of the World” – Part 02

A would-be revolution, the Doctor in disguise, and a dis-used yeti jetty! It’s time for episode two!

Also some amazing outfits.

As with some of the other episodes, I come into this one having spent about half the time just watching it while I polished off dinner. Now I can blog.

I like much in this episode. It’s good to see Bruce being reasonably paranoid and not quite buying into the Doctor as Salamander. It’s also good to get more time with Salamander himself. Plus Jamie gets to be clever, and we get to see a black character who is more than just background dressing.

One thing I like about this story is that there isn’t much in the way of idiot acts or idiot deeds on the part of anyone important. Both the heroes and villains are intelligent and do smart things, like Bruce trying to double-check “Salamander’s” story, and Jamie worming his way into the real Salamander’s confidence.

We also get some wonderful looks at how unpleasant Salamander is. I like that. Too often in fiction (though certainly not in Doctor Who), we have evil bad guys who either don’t do anything particularly evil, or who are waaaaaaay over the top evil. Salamander is neither of these, and that’s good to see.

Anyhow, that’s it for my thoughts here. Episode three is up next! Tally-ho!


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