Episode 185 – “The Ice Warriors” – Part 06

Here’s the end of this! It’s a pretty good story overall, but I won’t be sorry to see it go, at least in part due to these guys.

“We’d like to leave you thessssse copiesssss of Watchtower.”

Things are hitting the fan back at the base. Stuff is falling over and it’s all very exciting in a kind of mildly boring way. And we’re reminded that the Ice Warriors really do not benefit from close-up shots.

The Ice Warriors come to the base, and there’s some effort at negotiation, but it doesn’t end well, and soon there’s a bit of confrontation. We also get a lot more of the Ice Warriors in closeup and talking, which…man, I wish they’d stop that.

We’re then reminded that the Doctor and Victoria are still in this story. The camera flashes back to them at the Ice Warrior ship. They make their escape and head toward the base, where the Ice Warriors are continuing to be menacing in a rather dull way. This part of the story really is lagging entirely too long.

Oh, and the story has remembered that Jamie is kicking around, too. Well, not so much kicking as lying on a table, but still. He’s in a medical bay along with one of the other men. That man gets up to go do something while Jamie just lies there. Excitement!

But then things finally reach a bit of a conclusion when that guy goes off and activates the heaters. Moments later the Doctor fires off a blast from the weapon the Ice Warriors have, hoping to bluff them into a settlement. This isn’t especially effective, and the Doctor and Victoria make their way back to the base while the Ice Warriors go back to their ship.

I don’t quite understand the bad programming that went into the computer at this base being unable to destroy itself. It’s really kind of silly.

Some things happen and in the end, the Ice Warriors are defeated and the people at the base breathe a big sigh of relief. All is well, and we can move on to our next story, which is one of my personal favorites!


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