Episode 183 – “The Ice Warriors” – Part 04

Well, we’re more than halfway through! And as we are, let’s take a moment to luxuriate in the Doctor’s fashion sense.

Sincerely, in this particular case, as that’s a sensible outfit.

We last saw the Ice Warriors being all threatening and getting ready to shoot Victoria. In the end they decide not to kill her and instead let her broadcast a message to the base and to the Doctor.

For reasons unclear to me, the director then decides to show a close up of an Ice Warrior as its talking. I guess they were proud of the makeup and wanted to show it off, and I will say it works better in close-up than at a distance. But the lips are stiff and barely moving, and it doesn’t quite work as well as they want you to think.

Back at the base, the Doctor uses a rotary phone dial to call up some water. Why they don’t just have a standard water dispenser or something is beyond me, but I’m guessing it’s just because it’s the future!

One of the scientists claims that Mars’ atmosphere is mostly nitrogen with very little CO2. This is exactly incorrect, as the atmosphere is about 2.7% nitrogen with about 95.3% CO2. I’m a little surprised they got it that wrong. Did we not know back then? I suppose we must not have.

Jamie is a bit MIA right now, but we do cut back to Victoria, running around through some ice caves with an Ice Warrior following her. It’s actually very well-staged and she does a decent job of hiding. Well, right up until the moment where she’s fairly well-hidden and then screams, because, you know, women, mirite?

Ah, we’re catching back up with Jamie, who’s still injured from earlier. He’s being nursed back to health by a couple of guys, and we’re going to ignore all the slash fiction possibilities here, yes? Yes.

We cut back to the Ice Warriors, talking and plotting. They have a problem similar to that of the Cybermen,which is that it’s rather hard to understand much of what they’re saying. This hissing, whispering vocal style is interesting, and not a bad idea, but it doesn’t quite work well here.

The Doctor is wandering around and runs into one of the mountain men, who offers to take him to Jamie. The other mountain man finds Victoria, who is buried under some snow next to an Ice Warrior. She’s briefly rescued, but soon she’s captured again, and the mountain man is killed. Sad.

Back at the base someone says to someone else, “You have a plan in mind, surely,” and the correct response is not forthcoming. Even sadder!


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