Episode 182 – “The Ice Warriors” – Part 03

After a long break, here we are, back again!

These guys look very impatient. Sorry, guys!

When last we saw our heroes…fuck, I don’t remember. I’d best pay attention to the little recap.

Oh, yes, I remember now. Victoria was being menaced and one Ice Warrior was reviving the others. Got it.

Meantime, Jamie and the Doctor are working on various issues. They consult with a woman known as Ms. Garrett. Good to see her getting some work after that bakery closed down.

Elsewhere, one of the mountain men is apparently a scientist type, and there’s a woman trying to talk him into coming down to the facility and lend a hand to fix things and save the wold. He seems uninterested.

That scene goes on entirely too long, and then we get to check in with Victoria and the Ice Warriors, who seem to be having some fun. From there we go to the Doctor, crawling around sorting through various papers. He’s trying to figure out what’s going on, and the lead scientist seems very unimpressed.

Some of the sciencey types, including Jamie, go up to where the Ice Warriors are. This doesn’t end well for them, and Victoria seems to completely melt down.

Then we have more speeches and discussion between the Doctor and the lead scientist, and I have to say at this point that, really, this is clearly one of those stories that could be taken from six parts to four and it would do nothing but improve the quality of the tale.

And we reach our cliffhanger moment with Victoria talking on a radio to the Doctor and friends as the Ice Warriors get ready to kill her.


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