Episode 181 – “The Ice Warriors” – Part 02

For episode two, we go animated!

And I, for some reason, remember Trump stalking around during a debate.

I’ll say at the outset that while I haven’t always been impressed by the quality of the animation on display in these DVDs, I do like that we have it at all. It’s so much better than trying to watch the reconstructions. Though, to be fair, it’s sometimes a near thing.

The once-frozen Ice Warrior has escaped from his ice and is now wandering around menacing people and causing Jamie to interrupt meetings. Victoria seems to have been kidnapped by said Ice Warrior, because, of course, young damsels are always kidnapped by the monsters, because reasons.

The one Ice Warrior that’s on the Earth has plans to round up his colleagues and somehow take over the world. I don’t understand how. I mean, there’s a handful of them at most. Earth has weapons. Lots of weapons. I don’t see this plan working.

We briefly visit with the people outside who were caught in an avalanche, but really, there’s not much story there, at least not yet. Meantime, the Ice Warrior, who I shall call Frank, is continuing to interrogate Victoria.

One annoying thing about this story is the sound isn’t that great. Every time someone says something with an “s” sound, it’s hissed a bit. This is, of course, accentuated with Frank, but it  happens with everyone.

Speaking of Frank, he and Victoria are wandering around outside doing stuff. Meantime, there’s this beardy fellow who seems to have gone insane. I say that because he’s standing there monologuing to a mirror.

Then Frank finds his friends and announces his plans to bring them back to life!


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