Episode 180 – “The Ice Warriors” – Part 01

We’ve skipped over “The Abominable Snowmen”, which is fine. I’m not quite ready for them, at least not yeti.

Oh, come now, the joke wasn’t that bad.

Yes, I know, I said I’d do “Enemy of the World” if Trump won, but that seems less funny now. So we’ve moved on to “The Ice Warriors”, which features the first appearance of…the Ice Warriors. Let’s settle in and enjoy!

Our story starts off with rather oddly-done, yet kind of neat, titles. I do like it when they play around with these sorts of things. We see some mountains and then cut away to the interior of some sort of base, where much activity is happening. This includes a computer that sounds like a Mechanoid when it talks. I find this amusing.

Apparently the world is in the grip of an ice age, with glaciers rolling across the surface of Britain, and a number of other places. They’re using some sort of “ionisers” to try and stop this. The story tries to create a sense of urgency about this, but I’m pretty sure glaciers move slow enough that this isn’t really that important to deal with today, tomorrow, or even next week.

Also, yikes, even by 1960’s Who standards these are some rather…interesting…costumes. They make the Trek civilian wardrobes look classy by comparison.

Elsewhere, some men have found something frozen inside the ice. It looks like it might be a person of some sort. Perhaps a warrior…of ice?

The TARDIS finally arrives. For some reason, it’s lying on its side and slides down a bit in the snow before stopping. Our heroes emerge, looking a bit worse for wear. I’m not sure why any of this is, but it’s amusing.

They’ve arrived near some sort of dome, which has a couple of guys sneaking out of it, apparently after stealing some food or something. The interior appears to be something so familiar to Victoria that she describes it as being like her home. Then some woman in an odd visor comes up, pins things to them, and walks off.

The Doctor detects the sound of a computer with a fault, and in his usual fashion, wanders inside and starts getting involved. Pretty soon he’s giving orders and fixing things, generally saving the day as he does.

Up on the surface, our explorers are examining their frozen man. One calls him an ice warrior. Whee! They said the title in the thing! Then an avalanche hits, and not the good kind where Cloud is involved.

Then we cut back to the Doctor, who talks about something that is, basically, global warming and its cause. This amuses me, given how long ago this story was broadcast.

Meantime, the frozen Ice Warrior is brought into the dome. There’s no way this will cause problems, I am sure.


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