Episode 173 – “Tomb of the Cybermen” – Part 04

So last week I did 60 hours, and this is my first day off in thirteen days. But enough excuses! Let’s finish this thing.

Though there was a point this week where I could’ve gone for some suspended animation.

The resolution to the recent cliffhanger comes pretty quickly, leaving Kaftan and Tennille Kleig in charge. Kleig shouts down to the Cybermen that he wants to negotiate. This is timed well with the Cybermen’s reveal of Toblerone under their control.

The Doctor and friends are imprisoned, and stuck with the Cyberleader, who isn’t in the best of states. The Cyberleader explains the situation by saying, “Blerg garbble fritz ping fwummel smap will survive.”

The Doctor briefly traps the Cyberleader, but it doesn’t last. Next thing you know, he’s escaped, Toblerone has killed Kleig, and Kaftan is beginning to realize that this isn’t going to have the outcome she’d hoped for. Then she’s killed, and falls to the ground in a rather amusing fashion.

Toblerone responds to this by grabbing the Cyberleader, stepping off screen, and coming back with a Cyberleader dummy held over his head. He throws it into the control console, which causes much sparks and excitement, but doesn’t seem to accomplish much beyond that, though it does seem to leave the Cyberleader fatally wounded. Must’ve been a gold lever on there somewhere.

Kleig’s not quite dead, it seems. He looks up at the action, then goes back to playing dead. Then, fool that he is, he grabs the nearest gun and follows the Doctor and Toblerone down into the tomb.

The Doctor goads Kleig into revealing how mad he is. We’re getting a chuckle over this when “John Wayne” comes back to say the rocket’s all ready to go. Victoria throws out a bit of sarcasm toward him, for reasons I don’t quite get, but which is nevertheless amusing.

The Kleig gets beaten to death by the Cyberleader, which is less amusing.

We then get a fight that ends with the Cyberleader spurting shaving cream out of his chest. Jamie and the Doctor then re-freeze the Cybermen and go to seal off the tomb, only to find the Cyberleader still alive and kicking and upstairs. I’m a little confused at this point, because obviously this isn’t the same character Toblerone killed to death. But here he is anyhow.

The show comes to an end with the Doctor re-activating the electrical field and pushing shut the doors. He fires off a “We belong dead!”-type of line and is killed. The day is saved, all is well, and no one notices a little Cybermat scuttling away. Still, the good guys won.


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