Episode 172 – “Tomb of the Cybermen” – Part 03

Here we are in episode three, where the real challenge is understanding a damn thing the Cybermen say.

“Gersabge biddle doot squee [static, static]”
I’m not even joking, really. The voices really are hard to understand. They’re modulated to make them sound alien and mechanical and stuff, but they’ve been distorted so much I really cant get most of what they say.

But one must soldier on, so here we go.

It turns out that Telos is basically a trap. The Cybermen set everything up with the grand plan of capturing really smart people. Logical, I suppose (see what I did there?).

Vic(toria) is spending more time hanging out with our resident “Americans”. Their accents continue to a source of much mirth.

And back down below we learn that the Cybermen have a plan to “assimilate” our various heroes into their “collective” intelligence. Naturally Jamie, the Doctor, and company can’t have that, so they fight back. Most of the fight takes place off-screen and seems to be scored with shouting and mouth harps.

We get an extended fight scene between Toblerone and one of the Cybermen. The severity of this fight is somewhat lessened by the fact that we can clearly see a cable in place ready to lift up our resident token.

One of the “Americans” goes down to rescue our heroes, and manages to rescue all but the black one. Well, then. At least he didn’t die first.

Everyone else makes it up to the surface, and there’s a rather nicely done, rather intense struggle between Victoria and one of the Cybermen. It ends with the hatch being lowered down, blocking the Cybermen from the surface.

Kleig and Kaftan have been locked up in the weapon-testing room. This was a smart course of action. The weapons that were being tested were left inside the room. This was not a smart course of action.

The Cybermen dispatch some of their larger-sized Cybermats up to wreak havoc. Then we cut upstairs to the best scene in the whole story, and one of the better ones in the entire early series.

Victoria’s father died in the previous episode, and she’s still dealing with the grief. Her and the Doctor have a wonderful heart-to-hearts about the subject of grief and loss. It’s really very well done, and quite touching.

Unforunately, we then go to a rather cheesy scene of the Cybermats trying to attack people. I have to say that I’m not quite sure why these things are such a menace. First off, one could kick them. Second, one could shoot them, as happens. Hell, I’m pretty sure you could mess-up one of their days by stepping hard into it. They’re really not impressive.

The Kleig pops up and fires his gun.


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