Episode 162 – “The Faceless Ones” – Part 06

Here we are at the end, and not just the end of this story. No, we also bid a fond farewell to Ben and Polly.

The real Fab Four.

The Doctor and the Nurse (not her actual name, but what the hell), are on the alien spaceship. They’re captured pretty quickly.

Back at the airport, a search is being mounted, and all personnel are told to report to the airport police. I…don’t quite get why we’re following this story. I mean, I suppose that maybe they’re going to find Ben and Polly, who have been MIA for some time now, but absent that it seems like pointless filler.

Up on the ship, the Doctor meets the duplicate of Jamie who, among other things, is missing his Scots accent. He then starts sowing a bit of discontent among the various aliens on the ship. As he does. It’s one of those nice little Doctor moments where he uses his brains and mouth to annoy the bad guys.

Samantha and one of the airport people are busy looking over records and stuff. Apparently Samantha was being groomed as a replacement companion. I could see her working out. Kind of a pity she didn’t cone along, but Victoria, who joins up in the next story, works out well enough.

The Doctor is about to get face-robbed, or whatever one calls it, but he manages to sabotage the machine that does the dirty deed. The baddies grouse about this, but then just install a new server blade, or whatever.

Back on the ground, one of the aliens attacks Samantha, leading to a fight that, from all the bongo music on the soundtrack, is probably very exciting. It’s somewhat less so in reconstruction form.

One of the alien duplicates is disconnected from the original, which causes him to disappear. As the Doctor had been bluffing about this eventuality, it causes considerable alarm.

Back on the spaceship, the Doctor offers the aliens a deal whereby they get to live as long as they return all the people they kidnapped. The discussions don’t go well at first, but end up ok.

And with that, our story is pretty much done. All that remains is for the Doctor and Jamie to return to the TARDIS. Before that Jamie gets a little kiss with Samantha. Ah, no love like future love!

We’re finally reunited with Ben and Polly. They appear just in time to see the Doctor ready to leave. They catch up, and we get a lovely little goodbye moment. And that’s that.

Next time: “Tomb of the Cybermen”


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