Episode 161 – “The Faceless Ones” – Part 05

When last we saw our heroes, a plane or two had crashed, but no one seems to be exactly sure as to what’s going on. Turns out that the alien-controlled plane is now in space.

“Yes, fine, but I do get miles for this?”

The aliens plot and scheme and talk about how the intelligence of humans is “comparable to animals on our planet”. So…animals on their planet fly, have space travel, use radio and TV, and can split the atom? I’ve always hated the whole, “advanced aliens will see us like we see insects!” trope.

Meantime, up in space, Jamie is free and wandering around, following a flight attendant from the plane. He eventually finds a drawer full of small, doll-sized people. So that’s the Master, Jamie, and the Doctor accounted for. Still no idea where Ben and Polly are.

Well, that’s not entirely true. They’re currently on the unemployment line. I learned this just the other day. The last time they appeared in the series was in episode two of this story. When they filmed that, Anneke Wills and Michael Craze also filmed a little goodbye sequence. So that’s why they aren’t in any part of the story after episode two.


The Doctor is continuing to argue with the people at the airport. Things come to a head when he unmasks one of the aliens who’s currently disguised as a human. The Doctor then begins an interrogation.

Turns out the aliens are stealing identities from humans because their own physical forms were severely damaged. I’m…not entirely sure how all that makes sense, but ok. I mean, surely some plastic surgery would be enough to get the job done.

Samantha is about to be de-faced when the Doctor and the police arrive to put a stop to it. The nurse who’s running the whole thing is less-than-pleased about this. She kills one of the police officers, and is about to kill the alien the Doctor has prisoner when said alien stops her.

The Doctor comes up with a clever little plan to put a stop to all that’s happening by infiltrating the alien plane and getting up to their space station. Naturally, they’re pretty quickly captured.


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