Episode 160 – “The Faceless Ones” – Part 04

Well, here we are, back again. Thanks for your patience, everyone! Let’s get back to it.

“We have to get this man to a hospital!” “A hospital? What is it?”

So, oh, yeah, in the last episode a police inspector was kidnapped by the bad guys. Now he’s on an airplane that seems to be largely deserted.

Meantime, the Doctor, Jamie, and that one woman are all being held captive and appear to be facing the sort of death machine that James Bond would come to know and love. But before we can resolve that plotline, we cut away back to the police officer, because ok.

Now we move on to watching one of the faceless aliens being turned into a human. It’s kind of an interesting scene, though it interrupts the death trap sequence. Anyhow, they escape and work on infiltrating the sick bay area the bad guys are running.

Still no sign of Ben, for the record.

There are some shenanigans at the airport, with the Doctor trying to find out what’s going on while Jamie and this young lady he’s with continue to chat with each other.

No sign of Polly, either. For the record.

The Doctor investigates around the hospital, and finds some weird stuff. Nothing major, but more clues as to what’s going down.

I finally notice the name of the lady Jamie’s been hanging with, Samantha. That’s something, at least. She tries to get onto the plane, but Jamie swiped her ticket. She gets led to the manager’s office, and he holds her at gunpoint. Which seems a bit odd, given that she was trying to get onto the plane they’re running.

Jamie is experiencing his first airplane flight, which is mildly amusing.

The military has sent out a fighter to intercept the airplane. The bad guys shoot it down fairly easily. Then something happens to the aliens’ plane, and we see that everyone onboard has disappeared. As before. Sinister!


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