Episode 159 – “The Faceless Ones” – Part 03

In episode three, the Doctor gets to confront the enemy, face-to-face.

Well, you know what I mean.

The Doctor has been gassed, and is starting to transform into an Androgum into something unpleasant. The Doctor gets away and doesn’t seem to have turned into anything after all, though I could swear that was what they were going for.

Meantime, the woman Jamie is talking about is working her feminine wiles upon him, trying to get him to help her. As that goes on, the Doctor shares his rather implausible story with the authorities, who seem less than impressed, especially as he starts to go on about aliens. Such a pity that UNIT isn’t a thing yet, though I suppose he could go to talk to the Counter-Measures Group. They do seem a bit more convinced once he uses some of that tech, mind you.

Jamie’s lady friend has stumbled onto a set of postcards, all pre-written and designed to divert suspicion. They run off to tell the Doctor, who is suitably impressed.

The aliens are also rather impressed. We see them scheming and plotting and talking about how basically annoyed they are about how things turned out with the Doctor. I must say that I quite like the staging here. It all feels very Twilight Zone.

Now the police have started nosing about, with a detective showing up at Chameleon Tours to investigate. Soon he’s on board one of their planes, only to find that there doesn’t appear to be any flight equipment inside the cockpit. And then he’s taken prisoner.

And then I realize, to my surprise, that we haven’t seen Ben lately. Or Polly. Odd that.


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