Episode 158 – “The Faceless Ones” – Part 02

Yeah, yeah, I know. One Doctor “a Day” generally implies something other than once every six days. But life gets in the way and there you go.

And here’s a random photo for you.

When we last saw our heroes, it was…well, last week. Ok, ok. I’ll try to be more on the ball here!

When we really last saw them, we watched a man being dragged off to a medical facility at an airport. We now start off in what I think is meant to be said facility with a shot of a man lying on a bed or something. And then we go to the Doctor and Jamie talking with “Polly”. She claims to be a visiting worker from Switzerland.

The guy in charge decides to let her go and call the police. Meantime, Jamie and the Doctor run off. And we finally get to see one of the titular Faceless Ones. From what I can tell, I suspect they’re going to try to give him a face.

Oh, yes, Ben is also in this story. He’s currently hiding in a photo booth, as one does.

So, yes, the Faceless One gets the face off the man who was lying on the other bed in the clinic area. So I guess their cunning plan is to steal everyone’s faces for some nefarious reason. I suspect this is a story that’s long on atmosphere and a bit short on sense.

Meantime, “Polly” has landed a job at Chameleon Tours. The Doctor, now reunited with Ben, somehow, talks with her. She seems to have vague memories of what happened, but not many. She also seems to be having a tough time at her new job, dealing with a complaining customer. That amuses me a bit, though I don’t really know why.

Jamie tries to engage the woman in conversation. She’s concerned about a missing brother. “Polly” provides no real help, and on instructions from the big bad, closes her little kiosk. It’s an odd sequence of events that, at least at this point, smacks of filler.

Ben is scouting out the hanger for Chameleon Tours and gets captured by the bad guys as he’s trying to contact the Doctor. The bad guys are smart enough to realize that this means the Doctor is on his way.

And we end with the Doctor getting gassed, possibly by Jumpin’ Jack Flash?


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