Episode 157 – “The Faceless Ones” – Part 01

Thrills, chills, and spills as our heroes arrive in “modern” times! And at an airport, even! With airplanes!

Please don’t be the Concorde, please don’t be the Concorde…

Specifically, they’re at Gatwick, and appear to have arrived on the runway. Well, I’m sure that won’t cause any problems.

In point of fact, just as they get out of the TARDIS, they see a rather impressive jet heading straight for them. Instead of getting back inside and taking off, they run for it. They’re then spotted by a police officer, and instead of talking to him, they run for it. Lots of running in this story, I suspect.

They’ve done some location shooting here, which is nice. Lends a bit of verisimilitude to the whole thing.

ATC is confused as to why there’s a police box on the runway. They send for it to be picked up while the airport police look around for the TARDIS team. Jamie and the Doctor crouch behind a landing gear, while Polly ducks into an office just in time to see a man get shot with a futuristic gun. Good timing, that.

Polly catches up to the Doctor and Jamie and tells them what happened. Bet you a dollar that when they get back to the office, the body will be gone, and the Doctor won’t believe Polly, despite knowing her for quite some time and having every reason to believe her.

Meantime, at the bad guy’s lair, we find out that they’ve killed a police officer who, shockingly, is still there, and still dead, when Team TARDIS arrives. Points for the writers on that. As they leave, one of the bad guys intercepts and captures Polly.

The Doctor and Jamie soon realize that Polly is missing. They try to find someone in authority, but instead run across and officious customs officer who doesn’t seem inclined to let them do much of anything. Eventually they annoy him to the point where he calls someone in authority. That seems like a good way to get things done.

Ben rejoins the story by stumbling into the same office everyone else has been wandering in to. He bluffs his away along for a bit, but I doubt that it’ll be successful.

We then go to an amusing bit with the Doctor and Jamie and an airport official looking for the dead body. Which, of course, is now gone. So I was right about what was going to happen, but wrong about the timing.

The two baddies manage to get the Doctor and Jamie to leave. They’re taken into custody as the two men lead away another man who seems to be horribly disfigured. As they do this, the Doctor and Jamie meet a woman they take to be Polly, but she says she’s not. Please don’t let this be another “exact double” thing.


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