Episode 156 – “The Macra Terror” – Part 04

In the last part of our story, we look to answer a crucial question.

Does Jamie get lei’d?

Speaking of Jamie, we find him being menaced by the “surf” part of your next visit to Sizzler. That cliffhanger doesn’t resolve so much as it halts. Meantime, the Doctor and Polly are working do so…something involving gas control valves.

The guards are getting wise to something going on that shouldn’t be, and they try to crash Polly and Doctor’s little party. They get away, Jamie continues to fight the Macra and…we go on to a sing and dance rehearsal. Ok, then.

Then Jamie stumbles in, and we make ready for something that’s likely to be quite comic…should one be able to see the actual video. I suspect seeing it in photo form won’t be quite as good. I am rather amused by the line “gay and cheerful”, however. Jamie tries, and fails, to get away. He’s captured by Ben and some others.

As this happens, the Doctor and Polly wind up in a behind-the-scenes area where they can hear Control talking. They then wander into the same room where Jamie and Ben are hanging out. There’s an amusing moment where the Doctor pushes for peace and harmony, and says, “You can’t arrest us after we’ve given ourselves up. It’s against the rules.”

Control appears to be becoming more and more unhinged. It’s kind of like watching Trump debate Hillary. The Pilot ends up taking control over…uh…Control. He apparently plans to put an end to whatever the Macra are up to. That seems a bit odd. Normally the Doctor would try to talk with them and find out what’s up first.

The guards intercept them, and our heroes find themselves locked in a room with gas pouring in. Ben is on the outside, and they appeal to him to open the door. Ben finally snaps fully back to himself and begins activating some levers. As Control pleads for someone to stop him, he apparently turns off the gas, stops the bad guys, and saves the day.

We then rather abruptly cut to a scene with a cheerful little tune and our dancers dancing. Seems like we have victory! There’s a threat to make the Doctor the next Pilot, Jamie does his little dance, and we cut to the credits! A very cheerful end.

Next time: “The Faceless Ones”


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