Episode 155 – “The Macra Terror” – Part 03

When last we saw our heroes, they were being menaced by the Macra and by an oppressive evil government of evil!

Though at least the annual steampunk convention was still a go.

Everyone, save Ben, is rounded up and basically sent to work in the mines. Ben continues to be brainwashed into working for the bad guys.

The Doctor and friends arrive in the mines and are introduced to what I take to be Dastari’s uncle. He tries to explain the situation to Team TARDIS, and is told to simply shut up and get them to work.

Kal shows up. He’s been mining. He cites his rights to have a supervisor, which seems a bit odd, but whatever. He requests the Doctor to supervise him, and that’s apparently approved.

The Doctor starts wandering around looking over the mine works, as Ben pops up. He starts to wander off, but the Doctor stops him and engages him in polite conversation. Meantime, Jamie and Polly are kitted out in their cosplay gear, and our steampunk convention is on!

You know, the guys at Loose Cannon really tried their best with this show. I give some heat to the reconstructions in general, and to some of theirs in particular, but they actually succeed more often than not. A great example is a scene here, where there’s a gas leak, and as people try to stop it, we see clouds of vapor going across the otherwise still screen. It’s a nice touch.

For his part, the Doctor has puzzled out some intricate formula. Along comes a supervisory type who questions him about it and tells him to clear it off. Math has never been so…*yawn*…exciting.

Jamie has entered some sort of Forbidden Zone, and Ben failed to report this. The Doctor takes that as progress. Meantime, Jamie seems to be encountering a Macra, and Polly is watching the Doctor do stuff. This is one of those segments that’s a bit confusing, but I think would probably be better if it were moving instead of in still photos.

Ben appears to be having a little meltdown, which is probably for the best under the circumstances. Ah, the joys of the brainwashed companion. I think that’s a well the series has gone back to more than just about any other.

Control seems quite concerned about people going into the Forbidden Zone. So much so that it’s even willing to let Jamie get away. But he’s being menaced by a Macra, so perhaps Control believes that won’t be an issue much longer!


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