Episode 154 – “The Macra Terror” – Part 02

Last time we saw our heroes, they were facing off against what seemed to be crab people. This time? This time we get them facing off against…slash fiction writers!

Hands up if you ship Ben and Jamie!

The Doctor and Kal are still cowering as the Macra is revealed. Right now we don’t know much about what they look like…and I suspect that’s not going to really change as we go through this story, since it seems like it’s probably one of those effects/props that were shot in darker settings in order to hide their crapulance.

Kal and the Doctor are quickly captured by the police squad. They’re brought to the Pilot, who seems pretty laid back. Kal tells the Pilot all about how the Doctor was innocent in everything, and had tried to convince him, Kal, to turn himself in. The Pilot accepts this, and the Doctor is freed.

Then we cut to some guy on a screen (the Controller, it seems. Sounds like we’re dealing with a couple of Time Lords), screaming about how the Macra don’t exist. Circus music kicks in, and we go to a shot of Polly sleeping while a voice tells her all about how everything in the colony is good and beautiful. I’m waiting for someone to start referring to her as Number 6.

Actually, all jokes aside, this is starting to feel like The Prisoner, which is kind of interesting. An idyllic location, sinister goings on, strange music, etc. That show began airing only a few months after this episode. I wonder if there was any inspiration?

The Doctor wakes up Polly, and orders her to forget basically everything that was in her mind while she was asleep. Then the two go to find Ben and Jamie. Jamie is fine, but Ben has clearly drunk the Kool-Aid.

Polly and Ben end up in a little confrontation with each other, which ends with him chasing after her. It’s a decent scene; very atmospheric and creepy. I can only imagine this would have played well in actual video. And she sees one of the Macra. Oh, yeah, they’re in this story. I’d almost forgotten.

Meantime, the Doctor is still talking with the Pilot, and trying to make sense of everything that’s going on. Ben and Polly arrive a few moments later, and Ben claims to know nothing of the Macra.

The Controller addresses our heroes and Jamie is convinced he’s not real. So we get to see the real Controller, and he’s…an old man. I’m not sure why that’s some carefully concealed secret within this society, but ok.

And then he’s attacked by a Macra!


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