Episode 153 – “The Macra Terror” – Part 01

So we begin another all-reconstruction serial. And in this case, it’s the first story to feature the Doctor’s face in the credits!

This may be something of a mixed blessing.

We start off at what looks like the grand opening for some store or something, and then cut to the “It’s…” man running around on a beach perused by some guys with guns. Then the TARDIS arrives. I assume this will all make sense at some point.

As Team TARDIS disembarks, I realize that since “The Highlanders” they’ve been going non-stop. That story led directly into “The Underwater Menace”, which led directly to “The Moonbase”, which leads directly to this. Busy day.

The Doctor and friends run into the “It’s…” man and the police¬†capture him. They take our friends to the local mall, where congratulations are given all around. “Well, this is gay,” I can swear someone says. Ahem.

Our heroes are given a tour of the colony they find themselves at, and I can’t help but remember Dorothy’s tour around the Emerald City. This may not be coincidence.

Polly gets a makeover, while Ben and Jamie get massages, and the Doctor is tossed into some odd machine. This whole spa treatment could be viewed as a reward for them having spent the last day so very busy.

Once everything calms down a bit, the Doctor wanders around and encounters the “It’s…” man, who he frees from imprisonment. The man had gone on about seeing some strange things, and the Doctor asks him about them.

The Doctor gets caught, and things seem briefly tense. In the end, the Doctor and his friends are sent off to do some work, but the Doctor quickly escapes, as he does. He finds the “It’s…” man again and tries to talk with him. The Doctor finishes his discussion, and unescapes, a trick really only the Doctor would try to pull off.

The curfew kicks in, after some dire comments about people possibly being killed for wandering around in the dark. So, yeah, one of those “not a utopia” kind of utopias.

Of course as soon as everyone is sleeping, the Doctor gets up and goes wandering. He hides from a patrol or two. We cut to the “It’s…” man, and since I’m tried of typing out that, and don’t want to call him by his actual name, because that’s boring, I’m instead going to start calling him Kal.

The Doctor finds him, and as the two hide in the darkness, we see…the Marcra! Being a terror!


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