Episode 152 – “The Moonbase” – Part 04

And now our story begins to wind down, and we roll back to an older screencap, because I can’t find one specific to this episode.

Ok, maybe this was a little too far back.

The Cybermen are assaulting the base. Yes, this really is now officially a “base under siege” Doctor Who story. The Doctor is trying to figure out some sort of weakness that the Cybermen might have. Little does he know that all he needs is some gold!

Polly seems to think the current situation (they’re under siege, but about to be rescued by a rocket from Earth), is just a little too neat. Sure enough, we then cut to the Cybermen who plan to destroy the rescue vessel. And inside the base, we watch a partially-Cybered man wake up and attack.

Our partially-Cyber dude makes his way into the weather control booth and attacks the man inside. He starts messing about with the controls. No one pays attention to him, though, as they’re focused on the rescue operation. But before anyone can do much, the rocket is deflected off to the sun. I’m not certain why these men are doomed to burn. Surely they have rockets they can use to maneuver with? They must; otherwise how would they have been able to return from the Moon?

The plot is discovered, and the Doctor dispatches Jamie and Ben to the room where the other partial converts are located. This is wise, since they’re waking up and are on the warpath. The Cybemen add to the chaos by popping a hole in the protective dome, and it’s to the credit of the producers that we don’t see everyone and everything getting sucked out in unrealistic fashion.

More Cybermen show up, and the situation is looking pretty grim. Then the Doctor gets the idea to aim the graviton beam that they have downward, so that it’s boring into the Moon’s surface. “Best hope he doesn’t kill the creature living inside it, waiting to hatch,” Chris typed with great snark.

I do like that we see the people at the base having to override several safety mechanisms to make this happen. I also like that the end result is not, as I assumed, to bore into the surface of the Moon, but rather to fling the Cybermen and their ships out into deep space. Well, then. I assume that the Cyberman ships could simply look back, rescue their friends, and return to the Moon, but there you are.

Meantime, the Doctor and friends slip out the back door and make their way back to the TARDIS. Polly notices what might be a Cyberman ship, and the Doctor says he doubts that’ll be the lat they see of the Cybermen. Oh, come on Doctor, have some faith. They won’t be back for another four stories!

Next time: “The Macra Terror”


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