Episode 151 – “The Moonbase” – part 03

And so we continue on with our journey. In this case, it was one of those episodes where I watched it first, and then blogged about it.

Google Earth 2070 looks a bit different from what I expected.

There are quite a few things I liked in this episode. First off, Polly’s revelation that nail polish remover would potentially compromise the plastic of the Cybermen’s chest units was inspired.

I also quite enjoyed the scene where the Doctor is sitting there thinking to himself, using rational thought and logic to reason out exactly what was going on and why the Cybermen needed the servants that they now have.

Beyond that, the episode…well, it is what it is. A bit violent, in many ways. People criticize Colin Baker’s era for violence, but want to forget there were some rather gruesome scenes back in the day. I suppose the fact that they no longer exist is somewhat helpful in that forgetting.

Also, the scene of the Cyber army advancing on the moonbase is rather nicely done. They must’ve blown quite a lot of the costume budget on that.


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