Episode 149 – “The Moonbase” – Part 01

The Moon, missing episodes, animated replacements, and excitement galore! What’s not to like?

These guys.

Yep, the Cybermen are back! They helped to off the First Doctor, and now they’re back for one of roughly seventeen million appearances facing off against the Second, and this is the weakest of those outings that I’ve seen. Still, here we are, so we’ll make the best of it.

We begin with the TARDIS getting knocked about a bit, and arriving at the Moon, which may, or may not, be an egg. Sigh. You know, on second thought, I think I’ll just remember how much better this story is than that one.

The Doctor’s friends want to go exploring, but he, killjoy that he is, insists they all put on protective clothing. Then, clad in rather adorable spacesuits, they venture out and spend some time playing around in the low gravity, which I gotta say, I kind of like. It’s a nice touch.

Jamie takes it too far, and somehow ends up falling and hurting himself conveniently close to the entrance of a base that’s on the moon (thus the clever title). The Doctor and friends watch him get taken inside by two men, and then follow.

Inside the base, there are doings afoot. Some sort of strange infection has infested the place. It’s a bit odd that the people there seem surprisingly sanguine when TARDIS Team Six show up.

Turns out that the moonbase is there to do weather control. Apparently they use gravity to control the tides and the tides to control the weather. So that all makes sense.

The astronauts…basemen…whatever…find out that someone is interfering with their weather control, and intercepting their communications.. We then cut to the inside of a spacecraft, where someone is messing around with dials and the like.

The Doctor starts investigating the illnesses, and realizes that there’s something more than a little suspicious going on. Meantime, there’s a man in a storage chamber who hears something odd. It seems to be a Cyberman, but turns out to be Ben. Said man is shortly thereafter killed by a Cyberman. He’s black, so…yeah.

Over in sick bay, Polly and the Doctor are having a little conversation that ends when one of the infected men wakes up and starts babbling something about silver men. He dies, and shortly thereafter, Polly briefly spots a Cyberman, but it gets away before anyone else sees it. Then we learn that the dead man…is gone! Gasp!

We end our story with the music that would return in “The Tomb of the Cybermen”, as a Cyberman pops up to menace Jamie!


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