Episode 148 – “The Underwater Menace” – Part 04

Here we are, at the very end of this story.

And a possible resolution to the Battle of the Hats.

Our cliffhanger from previously gets resolved in a way I don’t quite understand, what with the reconstruction and all. But on the plus side, it’s out of the way, and we can now move on with the rest of the story.

As I watch the last bits of this story, I think to myself how stupid it is that people actually think Atlantis was/is a thing. From what I recall of my, admittedly limited, reading on the legend, Plato just made it up. Yes, Santorini blew up and all that, but that was centuries before Plato came along, and it’s not likely he based Atlantis off that. No, he probably just made it up as a teaching tool. Rather like how later scholars probably just sort of made-up Jesus for the same purpose.

Zaroff is going slowly more and more mad, which is fun. He’s monologuing a bit and getting more desperate. Meantime, Ben and the Doctor are…doing something. It’s hard to tell what exactly. But it ends with him pretending to be a guard with the Doctor as his prisoner.

Meantime, Polly and Jamie are wandering around, being exposed to vibration and radiation. This is less fun than it sounds, and less interesting, too.

The sea is beginning to pour into Atlantis, it seems. Awkward, that. The large face in the temple seems to have collapsed, from what I can tell from the stills. My use the word “seems”, and twice at that, should give you an idea of how well this reconstruction format is working.

Zaroff is continuing to plot and plan, as the Doctor shows up to rain on his parade. Rather like the ocean is currently doing to Atlantis! Zing! Ben is with the Doctor, and he starts quickly undermining Zaroff’s plan. This seems to go fairly well.

Zaroff is stuck, and about to drown, but the Doctor plans to back and save him because, well, he’s the Doctor. Meantime, Polly is having some bizarre nervous breakdown, and Jamie helps her. I can’t tell where they are, exactly, because the picture is still of Zaroff, for some reason.

And, you know, I do have to call out the BBC here. The sound and picture quality on the reconstruction is great. But there are so few pictures! Sometimes the same one stays on the screen for a full minute or more. Loose Cannon, for all their problems, at least managed way more pics. And don’t even get me started on the weird way they handle the opening and closing credits.

Now maybe the BBC is limited to the telesnaps; I don’t know. But I do know that I expected better, especially as they did a good job with the missing episode of “The Web of Fear”.

The new Atlantis that will be built after everything is done, will apparently exist without gods. They’ve decided that gods make them too gullible. I love that. A nice stirring endorsement of atheism and rational thought!

Next time: “The Moonbase”


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