Episode 147 – “The Underwater Menace” – Part 03

So when last we saw the Doctor, he was being menaced, underwater, by a sinister scientist and some of the other denizens of Atlantis!

Some of whom missed their calling with Busby Berkeley

I still don’t quite get Professor Zaroff’s motivations here. Ok, so he’s gone insane and wants to blow up the world to prove he can. That’s…almost as lazy a motivation as revenge. This is not a highlight among villains for the series.

So the Doctor and one of the Atlanteans are about to be sacrificed. They’re rescued by deus vox, but before that happens I can’t help but wonder why that wasn’t the place where the cliffhanger occurred. It’s much more tense and interesting.

Zaroff seems a bit miffed at the escape of the Doctor, which is reasonable. It is kind of amazing how stupid the priest and the other people at the sacrificial ceremony really are. So much for the concept of fish as brain food.

The fish the Atlanteans eat goes bad after only a few hours, which is…odd. One would think they would have learned how to salt it or smoke it by now, given that people in ancient Greece certainly knew these things. Failing that, since they have an advanced culture and fairly advanced technology, why didn’t they just make refrigerators?

On the other hand, the Doctor dressed as a hippie tambourine player and wearing sunglasses is quite fantastic.

So one of the escaped miners starts insulting the fish people, to no purpose that I understand. They retaliate by throwing things at him. Then he tries to enlist them into the struggle. This seems like a rather odd tactic. For reasons very unclear to me, but which boil down to, “the plot requires it”, the fish people agree, and we get a rather surreal scene of them underwater doing their thing. It’s clearly done on a set with flight cables and not actually underwater, but it works surprisingly well.

Zaroff appears to have some sort of fit, possibly caused by all the ham that’s on the screen. This actor truly sets a standard that perhaps only Soldeed would exceed.

Zaroff manages to trick the friendly priest into helping him stand up. He of course then appears to kill said priest, while the nearby woman, who could easily help, simply stands around and screams.

Then we cut to the Doctor, Ben, and Jamie hiding behind some fish masks. Yes, indeed.


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