Episode 146 – “The Underwater Menace” – Part 02

Here we are with an interesting episode. It was a missing episode until just a few years ago, when it, along with the first episode of “Galaxy 4”, were both recovered. This is, therefore, the earliest existing Second Doctor episode! Hooray!

The Doctor is losing the Battle of the Hats!

Polly is still being menaced (underwater), by some sinister doctors, while our less sinister Doctor is watching all the technical things going on, making his own little internal notes. The professor he’s talking with has ideas to raise Atlantis from under the sea. How? By lowering the oceans.

Yeah, that makes sense. I’m pretty sure I remember that plot from theĀ Deep Space Nine episode where Bashir was pretending to by a spy.

Meantime, Ben and Jamie are ushered into the mines, where they’re exposed to a really annoying sound effect. It’s worth noting that this is the first proper appearance of Jamie in an existing episode. Hooray!

The Doctor escapes from his situation by playing with chemicals not long after Polly is rescued from her situation by a kindly Atlantean woman.

We find out that the Atlantean high priest seems less than perfectly convinced that Professor Zaroff is working in everyone’s best interests. He’s also apparently blind, since the Doctor runs right in front of him at one pint, and he doesn’t see him.

Zaroff’s plan to destroy the world by draining the oceans into the core is silly and wouldn’t actually work, but the Doctor’s explanation for how it would destroy everyone is really silly. I doubt there’d be any steam pressure. I’m pretty sure what would happen is that the water would simply turn anything molten into rock. Maybe some steam, maybe not, but certainly not enough to destroy the world.

Then the Doctor plays his recorder, because he’s the Second Doctor, and that’s what he does.Later the Doctor meets with the head guy of Atlantis, and mugs for the camera quite a bit, which…well, also that’s what he does. The head guy isn’t convinced, and turns them over to Zaroff, and…that’s where the episode ends. So exciting.


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