Episode 145 – “The Underwater Menace” – Part 01

Ah, back to DVD. In this case, the possible final DVD of the old series to be released, although stay tuned (and before you start wondering, yes if this is true, I will go back and rewatch the story and write about it, no matter where I am in the series timeline).

This particular story has two missing episodes, and they’re presented here in…sigh…reconstructed form. Though at least it’s a reconstruction with good sound and pictures.

I mean, we wouldn’t want to miss the Battle of the Hats.

We begin with Jamie experiencing his first ride in the TARDIS, with the Doctor quoting Burns. I really do like Jamie, and it’s fun to see him have his first experiences with the Doctor.

The crew have arrived at a volcanic area, it seems, and certainly not Britain, or so the Doctor says. I must say that while this is a nicely done reconstruction so far, it does suffer from an oddly small assortment of pictures, and, at least at this point, no subtitles explaining what’s going on. All a bit odd.

Soon our heroes find themselves in what appears to be an elevator, descending deep into he ground. They pass out, I think, and find themselves in a decompression chamber. Polly then uses a rather clever method to figure out roughly what year they might be in. I like that!

They are soon brought into custody, and get to sit down to what the Doctor at least thinks is a lovely meal of plankton. Polly is less convinced of its loveliness.

It seems that the Doctor and friends have shown up at about the right time to be a sacrifice to the gods, or something. Conveniently there happens to be a professor around whom the Doctor has heard of. So that’s lucky.

So we learn as more story passes, that this is Atlantis (big shock), and that the people who live there sustain themselves by going outside to farm and stuff. This requires that artificial gills be fitted. Polly is chosen. This…does not please her.


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