Episode 144 – “The Highlanders” – Part 04

I know, I know. I’ve been really lazy and not doing this lately. Well, pish. Let’s get going on the last episode of the second serial for the Second Doctor!

Dat hat, doe…

Now, where were we? Oh, yes. Ben was being forced overboard off a ship. Well, he lands in the water and swims around to safety, as one does. He then encounters the Doctor, who is wearing a rather odd disguise.

Meantime, the prisoners, including Jamie, are being prepared to be Transported to the Caribbean. We also get more of the Doctor hamming it up with what he think is a German accent. He spins some odd tale of a prince being in prison or something, and then we cut to Kirsty and Polly, trying to free Kirsty’s father from imprisonment.

The Doctor seems to convince the English that Jamie is the prince mentioned earlier. I assume this meant to be Bonnie Prince Charles, about whom I know nothing other than the name.

Then we get a bit of a battle that’s actually got some video to it, though for all I know this footage comes from some other, completely unrelated thing.

Soon enough the Doctor and friends win, and get ready to head off. There’s some stuff involving a ring and a few other things, but I’ve, once again, largely checked-out at this point. This isn’t a bad story, but it’s a bit dull, I don’t know the history, and the reconstructions don’t help.

But in the end, we get Jamie flying off with the Doctor, Ben, and Polly, and so now the Second Doctor’s era begins properly!

Next time: “The Underwater Menace”


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