Episode 143 – “The Highlanders” – Part 03

I watched most of this episode while eating my dinner, so I didn’t really “live write” about it. But here are my thoughts!

Thought One: I’d make a more convincing woman.

The bits of high comedy continue, with the Doctor in a dress, mostly, and Polly and Kirsty encountering Ffinch. Meantime, Jamie and Ben are on a prisoner ship, facing the chances of being transported.

The story continues to be a little meh, but not bad. I’m enjoying it more than the Dalek story that came before it, though that isn’t difficult, given how much I dislike the Daleks at this point.

Some things happen, and Ben is about to be hanged, and, as so often seems to happen with these reconstructions, I’ve lost track of the story. I really look forward to the Pertwee years and beyond.


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